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For a home to be considered a great place to live in, it should not only have the essentials—bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. It must also have a fully functioning sewer system. Without this, used water and wastes (both liquid and solid) will have no way of getting out of the property, and eventually, the property will be flooded in toxic and offensive smelling waste

Considering the amount of wastewater and dirt that flow down the sewer line each day, it follows that one of its primary components is a series of large, durable pipe pieces properly connected together. They are usually made of concrete, metal, or plastic which, when felt, give you the impression of them being indestructible.

But this is not true at all, as improper installation and the different compounds and elements deep within the earth can cause damage to them after several years, usually in the form of corrosion or cracks, depending on the material the sewer pipe is created from.

When sewerage is leaking from your pipes, you may notice the following:

  • Flooding in portions of the property
  • Lawn indentations
  • Grass suddenly looks healthier
  • Wet patches, which help mould and mildew to thrive
  • Several parts of the property will smell bad

A little known but common cause of a crack in part of the sewer line is root intrusion. This is when roots make their way in the pipe to absorb the water that flows through it. The roots will then begin catching dirt and debris. Eventually, the resulting buildup will block the sewer line, causing the following to happen:

  • Used water does not go down the drain efficiently
  • At least two drains are either completely blocked or run slowly
  • There seems to be no way to fix those blocked and slow-running drains, and eventually, more drains will be affected
  • Every drain will bubble or gurgle
  • The water in the toilet bowl will not go down
  • Sewer gully will overflow

There are a couple of known solutions to the above. One is by digging parts of the property so the sewer line can be accessed. The section affected by root intrusion is then cleaned using an electric eel, a tool which is not too different from the plumbing snake. Though effective, this does not address regrowth, so one of two things will need to be done afterwards:

  • The process will be done again after some time
  • The affected pipe section(s) will need replacing

The above solution requires a good amount of time, effort and financial outlay. Fortunately, there is a more effective alternative that does not cost much and can be finished in hours. This solution is called ‘pipe relining’.