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A Burst Heater in Silverwater

Mina unlocked the door to the office and entered her code for the alarm. It was nice getting in early so she could actually get some work done before the co-workers could regale her with their weekend adventures. She flicked the light switch and watched the bulbs flicker to life before heading to her office. She threw everything onto her chair and fished her lunch out of her bag. Salad again today. Dieting sucked, especially when there was an amazing café just down the road. Mina headed to the small office kitchen and stopped in the doorway. Water was running down the wall and the tiles were covered in a layer of rather dirty fluid. The carpet under her feet was squishing as well. She tossed her salad container onto the closest desk and jogged back to her office. She found the contact list she kept in her diary and quickly located the Plumber.

The Silverwater Plumber arrived as the rest of the staff began trickling in. He popped up a ceiling tile and found the hot water system sitting over the kitchen. He took a couple of pictures on his phone and climbed back down to show Mina his discovery. In the pictures it was easy to see that the water was flowing from the tank. The safe waste tray was overflowing. The tank had ruptured at some point over the weekend. The local Plumber had already isolated water to the building before he had come in so the mini waterfall running down the kitchen wall would stop once the tank had emptied. The Silverwater Plumber wrote up a quote for Mina to replace the tank. Fortunately her manager walked in as he was writing it up, so the quote was approved on the spot. The Neighbourhood Plumber ducked out and quickly picked up a replacement tank before returning to start the work. He got into the roof space and disconnected the old tank, Mina and her Manager opting to leave it in the roof space as it had finished draining and would be out of the way. The local Plumber connected up the new tank and made sure everything was sealed before climbing down and restoring water to the building. They tested the taps and water flowed out. No leaks appeared and the tank appeared to be working properly ! He gave Mina a hand mopping up some of the water and made sure the ceiling tiles were put back into place before he left.

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