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Do you have a Plumbing Emergency?

Experiencing difficulties in unclogging a toilet? Don’t stress and contact a professional plumber right away. At Plumber Silverwater, we guarantee to provide quick and reliable plumbing service at an affordable price. Our emergency plumbers are certified and highly skilled to deal with various types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Blocked drains
  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water emergencies

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  • 1-hour response time, anywhere in Silverwater
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7
  • Same day service
  • Same day service

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Emergency Plumbing Silverwater

That bang was not good. Peter killed the ignition and climbed out of the truck. Water was bubbling under his rear tyres. From the warehouse he heard Daniel laughing hysterically. Peter climbed back into the driver’s seat and moved the truck away from the growing puddle. He parked and chucked the hazards on and returned to look at what he’d done. The pipe was twisted and pressed into the ground, a large crack spurting water all over the driveway. Daniel joined him and they both stared at the old garden tap.“No one has ever hit that before.” Daniel said lightly. He ducked out of the way before Peter could shove him. Instead, Peter ignored him completely and pulled out his phone, searching for a Plumber who could come quickly and help them. He found a local Silverwater Plumber and called. The Plumber advised they find the water shut off to stop the leak until he got there.

The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived within an hour. Peter and Daniel had managed to hunt down the water mains tap and had shut off the water, before realizing they should probably tell the two office girls about what was happening. The Plumber advised that the pipework would need to be replaced, which Peter had already figured. With the water isolated, the Plumber got straight to work, cutting away the mangled piece of copper. He installed the new pipe and secured it, before attaching a new tap at the end. The Silverwater Plumber turned the water back on and checked his work. There were no leaks and the tap worked perfectly. They attached a fluro tag to make it more visible to traffic, as well.

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