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Plumber Silverwater Fact

Silverwater is located in western Sydney, 20 kilometres west of the CBD. There is a population of approximately 3,200 people living in the area, Silverwater is the home of many small to medium businesses due to the availability of space. Though the suburb was initially developed as a medium/heavy industrial area, it has been redeveloped into a premier light industrial/commercial haven with some tracts of residential areas. There are many cafes and restaurants scattered throughout Silverwater, and these are generally small in size. In more recent times the first Costco in New South Wales opened in Silverwater. Reading Cinemas which is the largest of its type in Australia, Domayne, Harvey Norman, a large McDonalds and Krispy Kreme, as well as numerous clothes/shoes shops with many outlet store offering bargains to savvy shoppers. Being an established suburb with houses built prior to the 1970’s home owners should be aware that they may experience plumbing issues in their homes due to the age and expected lifespan of the pipework installed. Many homes were built with galvanised pipes which have an expected life of fifty years. If you have noticed a drop in water pressure it could be the galvanised pipes breaking down, corroding from the inside. If you notice a drop in pressure or your water supply is discoloured call Plumber Silverwater and we can inspect the pipes for you.

Residents of Silverwater looking for professional, reliable plumbers who can take care of all aspects of plumbing and gas fitting including;

Old dripping tapware repaired or replaced
The repair or replacement of running toilets, leaking cisterns and cracked bowls
Gas Services such as repairs to existing lines or installation of new lines and bayonets
Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run
Locating and repairing leaking water pipes
Ecologically friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced
Repair or replacement of Hot Water Systems and Solar Hot Water installations

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What Customer's Say:

“Fantastic, explained thing well. Very helpful”

“Fantastic, explained thing well. Very helpful” -Ben

“Very competent plumber; pleasant, helpful and provided confidence in his work”

“Very competent plumber; pleasant, helpful and provided confidence in his work” -Tom

“A very outstanding technician. Very willing to answer all questions and was friendly and polite –”

“A very outstanding technician. Very willing to answer all questions and was friendly and polite –” -Melanie

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Shared Story in Plumber Silverwater

Daisy had barely opened the office door and she knew something was wrong. It smelt like damp and she could hear the sound of running water. Pushing the door further open and flicking on the light switch, she could see the true extent of the damage. Over the course of the weekend, the hot water heater stored in the ceiling had burst, creating a waterfall into the common area and kitchen. Fortunately no important documents were near the disaster zone. She was on the computer and looking up a local Silverwater Plumber who could get there ASAP as the rest of her colleagues began to arrive. The Plumber Daisy called was incredibly helpful, telling her to locate the water meter to the small building and shut it off, so the waterfall would stop. He promised he’d get there as soon as possible and they ended the call. The slow clean up began as desks and chairs were moved and they all scratched their heads about what to do with the drowned carpet. The Plumber arrived within half an hour of the phone call. He climbed into the ceiling space and isolated and disconnected the hot water system. The ceiling panels were soaked through and the drip tray overflowing. He climbed down and showed them a couple of photos he’d taken. They already knew they’d need a new hot water tank, so they approved the job and let the Plumber get to work. He picked up a new tank and even disposed of the old one for them. Before he left he explained that he would usually tidy up after the work, but due to the water damage there wasn’t much he could do. He had used a Wet Vac (a vacuum cleaner for water) to suck up all the excess water for them, but other than that all he could recommend was to hire an industrial fan and lift up the carpet to dry both it and the underlay. It would smell and take a while, he warned, otherwise they could probably just replace the carpet. Daisy and her colleagues thanked him for his help and swift service. It wasn’t the most ideal way to start a Monday, but at least the problem was over now! Well, at least most of it !

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